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while he was at the u.s. treasury. she later jumped to silicon valley when eric schmidt of google offered per a job. when mark zuckerberg and facebook came calling, she made the move. in between all that, she got married and had two children. a boy now seven and a girl five. as coo, sandberg is one of only 21 female executives in the fortune 500. she says it's time to change that. >> when i got on stage 2 1/2 years ago and said the blunt truth is men ran the world, the audience gasped fast this was news. i sat down at an exclusive conference next to a man who looked at me and said remember us. i was like what do you mean? remember us. there is a place for white men in the world. and i looked at him and said are you looking away this conference? there has never been a company in your industry not run by a white man. he said, oh, no, no, change is coming. well, it's been ten years with no progress at the top of corporate america and that's stagnation. and "lean in" has stirred up a heated debate. i'm grateful for that debate because i think that's our only chance of waking up to thi
in europe. >>> google's eric schmidt making a rare visit to myanmar. he's pushing for a free and open internet in a country that's just now emerging from decades of military rule. internet access in myanmar very rare. only a small amount of people there, small number of people there have cell phones. the trip comes just two months after he made a controversial journey to north korea. >>> good news, fewer americans have debt. that's right. 69% of people are in debt or have debt. that's compared to 74% in 2000. a big reason why, people are laying off the credit cards. but for those who do have debt, they have a lot more of it. $70,000 on average compared to $52,000 back in 2000. bearing the brunt of it, seniors. people over 65 saw their debt load double. seniors are less likely to own their own homes outright, and these days are also more likely to have unsecured debt, that includes things like student loans and medical bills. surprising news about debt ahead on "starting point" we're going to continue with who's got debt, why they have debt and how to get over it. we're going to do tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2